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Six Ways to Save on Your Baby Shower

It's time to celebrate the baby! As Keepsake Favors' resident baby shower expert, I've learned how to plan a great party without draining your bank account. Here are my top choices for fun, festive baby showers that won't put you in the poor house.

Host the Baby Shower at Home

Restaurants can run up a hefty bill (unless you ask each guest to pay their own way), and a caterer can also run you into a small fortune. Hosting the shower at your home can be a great way for your guests to bond with one another and still have a fun party.

Grab Game Ideas From the Internet

You don't need to go out and buy elaborate baby shower games - the internet has gobs of baby shower games you can get - presto! Instant baby shower fun.

Choose an Earlier Time of Day

On the average, evening parties tend to be more expensive - dinner food and alcohol can run into a lot of cash fast. Instead, have a Sunday brunch with a delicious egg dish and punch, or an afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and lots of cake. Better still, if you want to avoid a meal altogether, choose a time when you can be sure most everyone has eaten (say, 2:00, which is past lunch), and then you can still have some snacks and a slice of cake instead.

Get Creative With the Decorations

Move over, Martha, you don't need a mint to make the shower fabulous. Choose a theme that will be lots of fun (like ducks or bears, or It's a boy/girl) and you're on your way. Create invitations on the computer; use colorful balloons for centerpieces (they're usually more affordable than flowers), and decorate each place setting with small accessories that will add interest to the table, and your guests can take home.

Ask For Help!

If you've got a talented baker friend, ask her to bake the cake or cupcakes. Rope Aunt Barbara into making her famous California salad. Getting more people involved will take some of the pressure off of you - and everyone will want to pitch in for the mommy-to-be!

Create Your Own Favors

Don't worry, I'm talking semi homemade. A memorable favor can be as easy as this: Purchase some pre-made treats like chocolates in fun shapes or pastel colored candies, then slip them in a little box or cello bag. All that's left is to tie on a beautiful bow and you've just created a unique favor, and saved some money too. For a brunch or lunch, put one at each placesetting to double as a decoration, or fill up a pretty basket with your favors and let guests help themselves.

Now, go get started on your amazing baby shower!


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