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The Best Way To Give Medicine To A Baby

So you carefully fill a spoon with medicine for baby, move it near her mouth and the mouth doesn't open! Maybe it's the smell, but there's no way she is going to open her mouth. Frustrating isn't it. Where can you rest the spoon without spilling the contents! You haven't got a hand free to try to open baby's mouth. There's only one winner in that battle, and it's not you!

There's a better way. Ask your pharmacist for a medicine syringe when you collect your baby's prescription. No, you're not going to inject the medicine!

Fill the syringe with the medicine, hold baby in the familiar feeding position to help her relax, then put the nozzle of the syringe in her mouth. As she starts to suck (the nozzle isn't sharp, so it won't hurt her tongue or mouth), slowly squirt the medicine into her mouth. Aim at the side of her mouth not the back of her throat - that could make her choke.

When the syringe is empty offer baby her favorite drink to take away the taste of the medicine.


Always keep all medicines out of baby's reach.


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