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You Have a New Person at Home: Babys Fourth Month Guide

Baby is into her fourth month now.

Mom's milk is best.

Breast milk is still important and sufficient to take care ofbaby's needs. If you are a working mom you might need a combo ofbottle and breast. Alternatively, you can express milk into abottle for your baby's caregiver to feed her.

While feeding baby, do watch to see that the nipple and neck arealways filled with formula, to avoid baby taking in too much air.And remember to burp her after every feed.

Some babies are ready for solid foods like cereal at this time.Babies at this age do not digest solids very well. Startingsolids too early can leave insufficient room for the all-important food: milk.

You get more sleep

Baby begins to sleep less during the day (2-3 naps of an hour orso each) and more during the night, sometimes even 6 hours at astretch.

Four-five-six.smiles and kicks

In baby's fourth month, he might begin to turn over onto histummy. He has good control of his neck and can sit propped up.He can bear weight on his legs too. Colorful toys and rattlesmake him smile or reach out for them. He loves it when youimitate any sound he makes, smile and respond to his expressions.

Happy bath time.

Baby's bath time is real fun time for both of you. Talk to yourfour month-old baby while you bathe her and it will make her feelless insecure. Make sure her bathtub has a smooth, non-slipperysurface. Have all necessary things at hand (soap, towels, freshclothes/nappies) before you start.

Mummy! Do I still need this pacifier??

Baby explores things by putting them into her mouth, so you needto be careful about what is within her reach. Minimize use ofthe pacifier (if any). Use it only if you are sure baby is notcrying for a particular reason. Never attach a pacifier to baby'sclothes with a string.

Your four month-old baby might indulge in some thumb sucking.Some babies do it as a hunger cue and others to soothethemselves. You can allow her the comfort of her fingers orthumb. Rarely, baby may cut her first tooth.

I know you!

He recognizes familiar faces and will coo or respond in some waywhen he sees/hears mom and dad. He might move his arms tosignal, "Pick me up." He tries to imitate sounds, loves beingtalked to, and spends time looking at objects he is holding.Taking baby around in a stroller is a wonderful way for him tosocialize.

Doctor, doctor

Further doses of the triple antigen (DTP), oral polio drops, andhepatitis B shots will be given to baby. A regular well-babyexamination will tell you if everything is fine with your fourmonth-old baby. At the doctor's you will be surprised how yourlittle one socializes with other children. Alternatively, ofcourse, she could be put off by strange faces and begin to cry!Don't let that trouble you. Her little world is just beginningto widen.

Baby now has a distinct personality of her own, and this portendsan exciting time for you.


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