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Hello World: Babys Third Month Guide

Remember how you wished your baby would learn there is moreto life than crying, feeding and sleeping? Your wishes arecoming true. Your baby's third month will see her becomemuch more interactive. So much so with some babies, thatparents secretly sigh, "Why doesn't she ever sleep?" Wonderwhat to expect in the third month?

Good night baby

Worried that your baby is still not sleeping through thenight? Most three month-old babies need at least one feed inthe middle of the night. You can try to shorten those night-time feedings by making sure baby's getting enough day longand cutting down the amount baby gets at night.

Co-sleeping is convenient for those nighttime feeds. Butresearch has consistently shown that parents and babies bothsleep less. The reason? Your baby's restlessness mightprompt you to wake and feed him when he probably would havedrifted off to sleep by himself.

More active and more interactive too

Exhausted after a long day of work? Trust baby's genuinesmiles to cheer you. Your baby now probably recognizes herparents, whom she rewards with smiles, and sometimes even ah-goos and laughter. Talk to your baby whenever you are aroundher to hone her language skills. She loves it when youimitate her sounds.

Your baby can now perhaps raise her chest, supported by herarms, when she lies on her stomach. She can focus on objectsand reach for them. A three-month old baby occasionallymight able to roll over one way.

When you visit your doctor for baby's shots, it is a greatidea to prepare a list of questions to ask. Babies reachdevelopmental milestones at different ages, so desist thetemptation to compare your baby with another.

Feeding on demand

Parenting on schedule is definitely easier on you thanparenting on demand. But scheduling a baby must not be takento an extreme. Denying a baby a feed because it is not timeyet can diminish milk supply and lower weight gain.Parenting against your philosophy is never effective. Asalways, follow your instinct and baby's cues to set asuccessful yet flexible schedule.

Stimulating books, games and toys for baby

Every toy you buy for your three month-old baby does nothave to bring out his Einstein factor. A mixture of fun andlearning works best. Attractive colors, funny sounds,mobiles and rattles interest him. It is never too early toread to baby even though all he seems to want is to grab thebook and chew on it.

Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

You can significantly reduce the risk of SIDS or cot deathby putting baby to sleep on her back, using a firm mattress,and preventing overheating. It might be a good idea to learninfant CPR techniques if you are worried about SIDS.

Choosing a babysitter

It is a good idea to let baby get used to other peoplebesides mom and dad. Even if you are not going back to work,an occasional night out will work wonders for yourrelationship with your spouse. There are several child-carealternatives you can choose from. Whatever you choose, watchout for any changes or signs of discomfort in your baby.Your baby's disposition is the best indicator of the qualityof childcare he is getting.

In baby's third month, her horizons are slowly expanding.Entertain your baby and get entertained in return. You arejust beginning to reap the rewards of parenting.


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