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Family Baby Showers

The addition of baby number 2, 3, or 10 is an occasion to celebrate for any family.

Just think how exciting it must be for your littlest one who is used to always being the younger brother to find out he's going to be a big brother!

Though baby showers have traditionally been held for mommies-to-be only, times are changing and many people are having baby showers to celebrate the new baby's whole family-to-be.

What better way to celebrate than to throw a baby shower party in their honor?! Grandparents or aunts or uncles can organize a baby party for the extended family and some close friends to mark the importance of the family unit.

Make a family tree to hang at the baby shower party. Have guests sign on their "branch" as a keepsake for the baby. "Trees" could be a baby shower theme for the party.

Other baby shower decorations for a family baby shower could include past portraits, baby pictures of Mom, Dad, and siblings, and a history of the family name.

Spend some time thinking about some funny stories from parties past. Like the time the expectant mom tripped during Aunt Edna's wedding. Or when the new baby's older brother fell asleep in the linen closet at the Christmas party last year.

Ask your baby shower guests to do the same and come prepared to share. These could be a whoot to retell. Beware: Mommy-to-be may laugh way too hard and cause herself to go into premature labor!

When sending out baby shower invitations, inform your guests that this will be a party for the whole family and that gifts for Mom, Dad and siblings are appreciated in addition to baby shower gifts for the new baby.

A few suggestions for one gift for the whole family. Buy a gift certificate for a portrait. Open a savings account for a future vacation. Or you can buy individual baby shower gifts for each, like matching t-shirts!

No gathering would be complete without a family photo. Make sure someone there has a camera with a timer on it and a tripod, or something that can substitute for one.

Then, once everyone is there, and Mom is ready (she may not feel like she looks so hot, so remind her how beautiful and glowing she is). Get the whole gang together and snap a photo for the baby shower remembrance.

Take lots of other pictures as well to let baby know just how much he or she was loved even before they arrived.

One idea for preserving the memory of baby's creation is to do a belly casting. You can buy kits. They mainly consist of a plaster of Paris material to use for creating a cast of Mom's belly. This will show the new little one where they started out.

If the new baby has a lot of young cousins and siblings, keep them occupied with their own special task. Provide them with a large piece of paper and coloring supplies. Either markers, paints, or crayons. Ask them to create a welcome home banner for the baby. Then place it over the crib in the nursery.

You may want to start by providing the lettering. Then let the children color the words and add their own artwork. Don't forget to include the 'big' kids, too. Have all of your baby shower guests sign the banner as well.


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