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How to Choose a Diaper Bag

Even though it's a popular shower gift, you may want to choose a specific type of diaper bag, either because you've learned through experience what works and what doesn't, or your friends and relatives have given you tips on what to look for or avoid.

It's pretty elementary to figure that you're going to need room. Lots and lots of room. For little things, babies at times seem to need an endless supply of items that you may not have space to carry.

When looking for a diaper bag, space is going to be your first consideration, but that doesn't mean you have to totally give up the stylish or "designer" look. Remember though, that the character-theme or licensed diaper bags often cost more simply for the name. But if you are really taken with a delightful character diaper bag, and just have to have it, put it aside for occasions when its capacity is appropriate. These are often smaller bags, but will still hold some spare diapers, an extra soother, bottle, and baby wipes for short trips like doctor visits, or errands.

For an afternoon at someone else's house, or an extended day of errands, and even an overnight trip, you're looking at a really large bag. And few items designated as diaper bags, seem to measure up to mothers' needs and expectations. There simply aren't enough pockets to keep things totally organized for longer trips where more items are needed.

Some parents solve that dilemma by purchasing duffle bags, or a top of the line backpack. The duffle bags will have some outside pockets, and occasionally, zippered inside pockets as well, along with plenty of interior room for changes of clothes and other supplies.

Backpacks with outside and inside pockets can be very handy for both organization, and convenience. They can be worn over the shoulders, freeing up your hands, or some come with an alternative strap for carrying on one shoulder.

The key is to choose a diaper bag that suits your needs, as you see them. And if necessary, choose two! That way, you have convenience, space, and no worry about whether your one bag is going to do fore very occasion.


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