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Luxury Baby Bedding - What to Look For Before You Buy

When buying luxury baby bedding, perhaps first decide what style and fabric you like best. When you decide what luxury baby bedding you want, mix and match colors and patterns on your baby's bed. Different flower fabrics mix well with solid or stripe materials, for example, but keep them all in the same color family.

Be sure and consider which fiber is best for your baby bedding. You should be able to find and choose from the following materials when shopping for bedding:

? Cotton - percale, sateen, flannel or organdy. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes well, and it tends to be durable, easy to machine wash and to dry.

? Linen - linen, damask or venise. Dry-clean this natural fiber to avoid excessive shrinkage. It is a wonderful fabric to use during the summer as it stays cool in warm weather.

? Silk - brocade, charmeuse, chiffon, organza, doupioni or silk satin. This material gives a very luxurious look and feel to your bedroom. Silk is a natural protein fiber that is very smooth to the touch. When washing your silk bedding, be sure and follow the instructions of the manufacturer's label.

? Wool - flannel, felt, jersey, tweed, merino or gabardine. It is another natural fiber, durable and soft to the touch. This type of bedding is usually very warm, and it should be dry-cleaned unless the manufacturer's label says otherwise.

? Synthetic fiber - acetate, acrylic, nylon, polyester.

Thread count in luxury baby bedding is important. Thread count is defined as the number of horizontal and vertical threads that exist in one square inch of fabric. Thread count in sheets can range from 80 to 700 -- most are in the range of 180 to 320. Higher thread count in luxury baby bedding does not mean that the fabric will last longer. What it does mean is that you will enjoy a better quality of fabric that also has a softer feel.

Blue and white bedding are classic colors that can be combined with any decor. If you decide to select floral fabrics for bedding, they can go with a traditional or contemporary room decor. Rich and bold colors like blue, red, yellow or perhaps black tend to be used in childrens' rooms and teenagers' rooms. These are stimulating colors associated with energy, and they will bring drama to any room. Pastels can be mixed with different colors and patterns, and they will give you a relaxing and beautiful room. These colors like pink, blues, light yellow and lilacs are frequently used in luxury baby bedding, nurseries and baby's rooms.

Do not be surprised when buying luxury baby bedding that it has a mild crisp feel to it. This crispiness is normal, because manufacturers use starches or stiffening products on the bedding to help it stay wrinkle-free and looking new. When you purchase machine-washable luxury baby bedding or any other type of bedding, be sure you wash it before using it. A great benefit of washing quality luxury baby bedding is that it will become softer and even more comfortable over time.

Make sure to read the bedding labels to be certain the baby bedding materials are flame resistant. And if choosing a baby bedding theme is important, look for nursery bedding collections that come with coordinated accessories. You can save considerably if you can find luxury baby bedding on clearance, even though there will be few or no coordinated accessories. You can use the savings from the baby bedding to create your own baby nursery theme.

Enjoy the process. Later, the child will have their own opinions, but have fun for now! Decorating the baby's room can give everyone the chance to add their touch to this special room for this very special person.


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