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Tips for Discreet Breastfeeding in Public

If you're a new Mom who is nursing your baby you maybe nervous about doing so in public.

Or perhaps you aredisturbed by media reports of women who are harassedfor breastfeeding in public and are considering pumping yourmilk to give your baby when you leave home.

Here are some tips for discreet breastfeeding that have workedfor many Moms. Hopefully they will help youfeel more comfortable nursing in public so you can avoid the inconvenience of pumping and preparing bottles.

1) Before you have your baby, attend a La Leche League or otherbreastfeeding support group meeting.

Unfortunately in our Society that gives lip service to the benefits of breastfeeding, it is still rare to see Momsnursing in public, and so most of us grow up having our ownbabies never having seen another woman nurse.

Going to an LLL meeting and seeing how other Moms nurse their babies discreetly and confidently can boost yourown confidence. They can also share with you tips that willmake nursing in public easier for you.

2) Invest in a baby sling.

These are wonderful for making life with a baby easier all around,but one thing they're great for is discreet breastfeeding. I can't count the times someone approached me in a store and commentedon my baby having no idea that s/he was latched on and nursing!The fabric of the sling can be adjusted to come up over the baby's head(yet most babies don't mind this like they do a blanket), or youcan use the extra fabric on the "tail" to cover baby.

3) After your baby is born, practice nursing in front of a mirroror a friend to perfect your technique.

Once you and baby are getting to be old pros at the latch on, youcan most likely do so in just a couple of seconds.

4) Nurse at the first signs of hunger.

A nursing baby generally draws less attention than a screaming one!So latch your baby on as soon as you notice that s/he is hungry...rooting,sucking on fist, grimacing face, etc. A crying baby also makes you nervousand you and baby may take longer to get latched on comfortably.

5) Try turning your body away while you latch on.

If you're sitting at a table in a restaurant, simply turn your bodyaway from the table briefly while you latch baby on, then resume yournormal position.

6) Try nursing clothes.

These are designed to cover your belly for more discreet breastfeeding.Or simply wear a thin top under a cardigan or other shirt. You can also make your own nursing top by cutting slits in a tank andwearing it under another shirt. And always pull up your shirt from the bottom instead of unbuttoning from the top to nurse.

7) Bring a book or large purse to set in your lap to camouflage.

Your diaper bag would also work. Set it in front of baby on your kneeswhile you latch baby on. Or hold a book so that your baby's head andyour breast are out of view.

And lastly...

8) Be confident!

You are doing something that is best for you and baby and that billions of womenall over the world for thousands of years have done. Be proud of yourselfand give passersby a warm smile. You'd be surprised how often people willsmile back or even approach with a commendation or anecdote about their own children.

Enjoy nursing your baby!


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