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Potty Training Doll - How Do You Use A Potty Training Doll To Potty Train You Child?

Your heard about using a potty training doll that drinks and wets to assist in the process of potty training. Okay - that sounds good. So how do you use a potty training doll?

The idea for using a potty training doll to potty train your child was developed in the 1970s by two psychologist. Since then, several potty training books for parents such as "Potty Training for Dummies"& "The Everything Potty Training Book" have talked about using potty dolls for potty training, but not until Dr. Phil has this method become really popular.

Dr Phil's Potty Training Method uses a potty training doll - or doll that wets (according to Dr Phil) - to model the "going potty" behavior for you child. The doll is rewarded for going potty - throw the doll a potty party. Your child will extrapolate and will want to go potty like the doll and have a potty party as well. Dr Phil also recommends letting your child call his favorite superhero when he has successfully gone potty. He also suggests that you make 10 trip to the potty when your child has an accident.

So, basically, the Potty Training in One Day method is based on two simple concepts:

  • children learn by teaching
  • behavior is shaped by consequences.

Since "teaching is the highest form of learning", your child will not only teach the doll to go potty, but also teach the potty doll what are desired behaviors are and the natural and logical consequences of these behaviors. Once your child understand this, then you will teach your child to teach the doll what the undesired behaviors are and the natural and logical consequences of undesired behavior.

My book "Parent's Potty Training Guide: How to Potty Train in One Day",outlines a step by step process on how to potty train your child using these two concepts. You can read an excerpt from the book - you can read a summary of the Potty Training in One Day method.

I decided to include a book with my product called Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System - because Dr Phil's page and half is just not enough for most parents. Not only have I incorporated my own experiences with potty training my two sons, the book includes the collective knowledge of all the parents who have used my system over the last year and a half. I ask all the parents to share their potty training successes and challenges with me, and I update the book to include all their comments.


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