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How To Stop Toddlers From Biting

It is an unfortunate fact of life but, unfortunately, toddlers and biting frequently go together. It is a painful time for both the toddler and their parents and trying to stop the toddler from biting can be quite a challenge.

Toddlers and biting may be a difficult challenge but there is hope for a cure if you are patient and consistent. First you need to understand why your toddler bites. The primary reason that a toddler bites another child or their parents is because of frustration. The toddler is now aware of his/her needs but frequently lacks the ability to successfully communicate those needs. Another reason that toddlers bite is when they are stressed. New situations, new environments, new people or playmates can all stress a toddler and biting maybe their reaction to it. Being hungry or tired also add to the toddler's stress.

If a toddler bites out of frustration it is important to start teaching them the exact words they need to use in order to express their wants. Simple phrases like, "I want..." work best. If a toddler bites out of stress the best medicine is preventative medicine. Try to avoid putting the child in positions where he/she will likely to become stressed, a stress that may result in biting.

When your toddler bites it is important that you respond immediately and appropriately. You need to let the toddler know that biting is not acceptable social behavior and that it needs to stop. Teaching the toddler appropriate means to handle stress and frustration are the best tools to handle toddlers and biting.


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