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Teach Your Baby To Read English

If your child's first language is not English, he or she canstill become an excellent English reader and writer. Yourbaby is on the way to successful English reading if she isbeginning to learn many words and is interested in learningto read in her first language. You can help by supportingher in her first language as she learns English. Talk withher, read with her, encourage her to draw and write.

Inother words, do the same kinds of activities just discussed,but do them in your child's first language.

When your child first enters school, talk with her teacher.Teachers welcome such talks. They even have sign-up timesearly in the year, though usually you may ask for a meetingat any time. If you feel that you need some support inmeeting with the teacher, ask a relative, neighbor, orsomeone else in your community to go with you.

When you do meet, tell the teacher the things that you aredoing at home to strengthen your child's speaking andreading in her own language. Let the teacher know howimportant you child's reading is to you and ask for supportfor your efforts. Children who can switch back and forthbetween languages have accomplished something special. Theyshould be praised and encouraged as they work for thisachievement.


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